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Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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Here’s a rare video of a film made at Close Enough in New Hampshire of a jam session with some members of Road Apple, just before I joined them. I replaced jazz drummer Skeeter Camera who’s kicking it sweetly in this video.

The late, great Doug McClaran is playing piano and my longtime friend Casey Dennis is on the bass. Not seen here (probably making whoopee somewhere off camera), the other main Road Apples:  Band founder and singer Dan Gillmor and lead guitarist/singer Frank Williams. Unknown to me are the percussionists and the distant rhythm guitarist.

Road Apple at Close Enough

For more about Road Apple and its members, visit

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(Jeremy Ross’ drumming can be heard here on Space Cowboys , one of his best sessions ever)

Casey Dennis Music on MySpace

Dan Gillmor and his project MediActive

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